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"We are based in Belmont, though many of our jobs have been focused on Newcastle area suburbs...though we have travelled much further for the right client and the right job"
Lincoln Bird

Bathroom Renovations Newcastle

Our residential bathroom renovation specialists are Novacastrians who are proud of the renovations we provide, so make sure to contact us for more information about our award-winning bathroom redesigns. We've kept up with the times and our polite crew of remodelling specialists successfully position you straight for optimal satisfaction and pricing.

Bathroom Renovations Mayfield

Get your bathroom transformed with the help of professional bathroom renovation services in Mayfield. Contact us today for a free quote."

Bathroom Renovations Belmont

A large portion of our initial bathroom renovations were completed in partnership with locals, with much of the job being noted to their tight-knit communities. 

Bathroom Renovations Adamstown

Explore the latest bathroom remodel ideas in Adamstown. Get inspiration for your next renovation project with our expert tips.

Bathroom Renovations Wallsend

Residents of Wallsend are very interested in the types of bathrooms that are available according to their tastes and budget, just like the physical structures of their city, which may differ greatly from one district to another. 

Bathroom Renovations Caves Beach

Residents of Caves beach were introduced both the Modern and Traditional styles and found many to be well received by our clients Find out what's in and what's out in bathroom design trends in Caves Beach. Read our latest article for expert insights and tips

Bathroom Renovations Lake Macquarie

Bathroom styles needed in Lake Macquarie are very diverse, with some clients requiring a Luxury & Bespoke style and others preferring an organised, simple look. As we went to Lake Macquarie, our first quotations varied significantly from area to area, because where we had to introduce our Luxury & Bespoke style bathrooms due to the demand for them.

Bathroom Renovations Coal Point

Learn about the average cost of a bathroom remodel in Coal Point and how to budget for your next renovation project."

Bathroom Renovations Maitland

Maitland is among the most attractive places on the planet since we never know what kind of bathroom remodeling and restoring services must be rendered, as both sides constantly modify and develop. We're delighted to boast that our bathrooms happen to be requested from anywhere between Modern right up to the Luxury and Bespoke ranges.

Bathroom Renovations Floraville

Discover a wide range of bathroom products in our Floraville bathroom renovations. Find the perfect products to transform your bathroom space."

Bathroom Renovations Hunter Valley

We are delighted to be a part of the comfort and luxury ring that we are requested to fit within, as well as our surprise that requests for traditional and standard bathrooms has exceeded the demand for Modern, Luxury, or Bespoke bathrooms.

Bathroom Renovations Hamilton

Find the best bathroom accessories in Hamilton to complete your renovation project. Shop now for a stylish upgrade."

Bathroom Renovations Central Coast

Find the best bathroom accessories to complete your renovation project. Shop now for a stylish upgrade." We charge a fixed price for labour and installation and give you our trade discount to purchase your fixtures and fittings.

Get Your Dream Bathroom

Are you looking to update your bathroom or you may feel it's time for your dream bathroom?...For the right price of course. 

Oh and when it comes to bathroom renovations, you'll be with us every step of the way , so you'll only be amazed by the finished product looks with you in it. 

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