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Would YOU like to get your quote FASTER?
Simply take your phone and record a 10 second video
Of your entire bathroom and tell us what you need done
Don't worry we are not looking for the next Spielberg ,

Just do the best you can and then

Text your video to 0401 746 299

 We know Budgets are tricky and one of your top priorities
That's why we provide you with a quote that has a fixed price for labor and installation and then you choose the price you want to spend on fixtures and fittings

Together with our local partners and trade discount and you are guaranteed to save a ton of money plus get the quality fixtures and fittings you want for your dream bathroom

See we understand there’s a lot to think about when renovating your bathroom and where we shine is in the labor and installation portion which consists of;
The DESIGN for your bathroom,
The DEMOLITION and RUBBISH removal -

We keep a clean and hygienic work area and Now don't forget The PLUMBING;





Now this part of your quote which is labor and installation is fixed for your convenience

Next we have the BATHROOM FITTINGS and fixtures

The part of the renovation were you will shine.


We will guide you through your entire purchase and then get you our trade discount as a bonus.

You will save yourself a lot of money and the hassle with LJB Bathroom Renovations

and get your dream bathroom for the price you choose.

I look forward to speaking with you soon

Lincoln Bird

Owner / Master Tradesman / Bathroom Renovation Specialist

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